What policies are you looking to stress during this election?

“The number one issue during this election is first, making sure that we get the economy going and getting people back to work, Alberta has seen a drastic decrease in jobs and we have a lot of unemployed people. We will be focused on working to remove the carbon tax completely and reducing corporate and job created taxes. Second is standing up to Justin Trudeau in Ottawa to be able to get our pipelines built and our largest energy products flowing to get our economy going again.”

What is something you are most proud of about your party?

“I’m most proud of our party being able to unite the free enterprise movement across the province. It’s the largest provincial party in the country and it’s just made up of a great group of people from all across the province. It’s ready to be able to form that sort of government and be able to help get the ground running as soon as possible, even in two weeks if we're given the privilege.”

What is your area of expertise in your party/what are you most keen on?

“I enjoy the Alberta environment parks file a lot. It makes sense for my constituency which has some of the most beautiful areas. I of course also served as the Leader of the Opposition in the last term as well as the Official Opposition House Leader so I enjoy the legislative procedures. I’m ready to be able to move things forward in Edmonton to be able to move things forward in my constituency’s best interest.”