Without Jason Nixon the West Country would be a park. That we wouldn’t be allowed to use.

Without Jason Nixon the Sundre Hospital would be closed. He stopped that twice.

Without Jason Nixon kids would still be wearing masks.

Without Jason Nixon, high school rodeo and kid’s hockey would have been completely locked down during COVID. He fought for months to keep these important activities open.

Without Jason Nixon, the David Thompson corridor and the backcountry would be ignored by government. He worked tirelessly to bring in funding for 20 new conservation officers and infrastructure improvements across the backcountry.

Without Jason Nixon, you wouldn’t be able to drive a quad on the Forestry Trunk Road.

Without Jason Nixon we could have been locked in our homes like Ontario or Quebec, with police-enforced curfews. He fought every day to make sure that was never an option.

Without Jason Nixon, $120 million for the twinning of Highway 11 Corridor all the way through Rocky Mountain House would be off the table.

Without Jason Nixon, hardworking volunteer trail groups would still be shut out of doing their work. He passed the Trails Act to improve our backcountry and support these volunteers.

Without Jason Nixon, resurfacing projects on Highway 12, Highway 13, Highway 22, and Highway 584 would be a distant hope. Jason has worked tirelessly to push road improvements in our riding to the top of the priority list.

Without Jason Nixon, Condor and area would not have brand new elementary and high schools being built.

Without Jason Nixon, the local Sundre Wastewater Pilot Program, which will lower costs and improve services for Sundre residents, never would have gotten off the ground.

Without Jason Nixon, Rocky Mountain House would not be building a state-of-the-art surgery ward.

Other projects that Jason Nixon has secured for his riding:
⁃ Upgrade storm drainage in Summer Village of Sunbreaker Cove
⁃ Roads Rehabilitation Mountain View County
⁃ Replacement of Public Works Equipment Mountain View County
⁃ Funding for upgrade of rodeo grounds Winfield & District Ag Society
⁃ Multiple Bridge Replacements Clearwater County
⁃ Walking Trail Town of Eckville

⁃ Upgrade water meters throughout community Town of Rocky Mountain House
⁃ Construct new pad at skatepark Town of Sundre
⁃ Multiple Bridge Replacements Red Deer County
⁃ Rehabilitate 121 kms of roads Mountain View County

Just to name a few things...